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Kolisare- Lakshmi Keshav Temple
Kolisare, a village with natural beauty at its best. This place is only 50 kms (aprrox) from the city of Ratnagiri. It’s situated at 3.5kms from Ratnagiri- Jaigad road. Kolisare village has a population of 800. River Shastri is flowing from this place. Mountains with dense greenery are the prime attraction for the visitors. Kolisare is known as a hill station with relatively low temperature.
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  Ratnagiri City
From Ratnagiri Ganpatipule=60 Km.
From Jaigad = 15 Km
Kolisare is not only famous for its natural beauty but also famous from Spiritual point of view. A renowned temple of Lord Lakshmi- Keshav is situated at Kolisare. Lakshmi- Keshav is Kuldaivat (Guardian God) for many Maharashtrain families. The temple is around at 2000 feet height from mean sea level. The deity of the Lakshmi- Keshav is having a long history. Before 1200 years ‘Rashtrakul’ family was ruling over Marathwada region of Maharashtra. All the family members were devotees of Lord Vishnu and they had constructed many beautiful temples. After few years due to attacks of Mughals, many deities were immersed into the water for protection. Such one deity is immersed into the ‘Rankal Lake’ near Kolhapur. The same deity is installed at Lakshmi- Keshav Temple Kolisare. This ceremony was took place in the year 1510. The deity is the example of rich ancient Indian sculpture. The height of the deity is around 5 feet with all the ornaments and weapons.
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In addition to this, one temple of Lord Ratneshwar (Form of Lord Shiva) is also there in the same premises. A continuous spring of water is the prime attraction of the visitors.
Facilities like lodging and boarding are provided by the temple trustees at a very reasonable rate. Visitors can enjoy the taste of proper Konkani vegetarian food at this place.